“A man’s dying is more the survivors’ affair than his own”

It seems the observations on life and death of Thomas Mann, the Nobel Prize winner for Literature and renowned German author, were accurate. For those of us touched by the passing of a loved one, and in truth almost all of us are in such a position at some point in our lives, it is a traumatic and difficult time.

We must first cope with the physical and emotional loss and then with the many processes, practicalities and sentiments that follow. It is not something that we can easily prepare for and few are familiar with what happens immediately after and in the weeks and months following a death.

For that reason, we decided that the production of a publication such as the Funeral Handbook may offer us a chance to collate relevant and important information and publish it in a single document; designed with the reader in mind to perhaps offer answers to some of the queries or questions you might have.

We know that for some readers not all of the information contained here will be relevant, and that certain chapters will answer your particular queries while other areas are simply covering information you are familiar with. We have therefore divided the Funeral Handbook into various sections that you can easily access and hopefully utilise.

Download The Funeral Handbook 2012 PDF


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